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A buyer in Blue Hill, ME requested a screw pump quote that requires 20 gal/min at 5 ft of head for a food & beverage process application.
A buyer in Saint Nazianz, WI requested a peristaltic/hose pump quote that requires 1 gal/min at 60 psi for a chemical process application.
A buyer in Jacksonville, FL requested a submersible pump quote that requires 1200 gal/min at 60 ft of head for a maritime application.
A buyer in China requested an AODD pump quote that requires 2 gal/min at 20 psi for a semiconductor processing application.

Expert Advice

There are lots of pump types available, but which one is right for you? Understanding which pump type you need for your application is critical for reducing costs and increasing the life of your pump and system. We've worked with leading pump experts to put together this comprehensive guide to the most popular pump types.

After frequent, recurring repairs for their frame-mounted pump, a Rhode Island company turned to the Delta Pump Group to suggest a better alternative for pumping water lime concentration.

After multiple diaphragm pump failures, the Moores Bridges Water Treatment Plant switched from Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering pumps to Progressive Cavity pumps and saved thousands each year in repairs. 

IsernHäger designs machine-controlled pre- and sour-dough systems for its clients. The company found success with KNOLL progressive cavity pumps for one client who required an all-in-one custom design.

Biodiesel is growing in popularity as an important alternative energy source to petroleum-based fuel. Learn more about why AODD pumps are becoming industry standard for biodiesel applications.  

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Industry Updates

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Remote monitoring software can prove invaluable to users in the oil & gas industry. This software has proven time and time again that it can catch leaks before those leaks cause irreparable damage to the equipment or environment. 

The two-day seminar was the fourth in a series of seminars to be held at VJCC this year and attracted 82 participants. Ebara is well-known for its valuable seminars and plans to hold several more throughout the year in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Colombia, Peru, and other locations.

The vanes, rotors, and end plates are compatible with rotary vane pumps and can effectively transfer fluids and gases, making them ideal for a variety of applications in multiple industries. 

The A6 pump model is specifically designed for use in industrial applications and can easily handle fluids of varying viscosities. 

The energy efficient pump is small in size, but boasts low air consumption and high flow rate, making it an ideal choice for multiple industries. 

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Pump Tweets

According to a company press release, Jeff Wiemelt will assume the role of president for the Sundyne on January 1, 2012. Wiemelt previously held vice president and general manger of Sundyne Americas and Sundyne Dijon in France.

Pentair to acquire Clean Process Technologies (CPT) for its membrane technology and ultrafiltration.

NETZSCH Mohnopumpen GmbH introduces a new version of its TORNADO rotary lobe pump. The new lobe pump is built to have a long service life and virtually eliminates any possibility of transmission damage due to leakage or contamination.

Colfax introduces an online energy savings calculator for oil and gas industry pump applications. The calculator allows head-to-head comparisons between centrifugal pumps and rotary positive displacement pumps in both single and multiple pump applications. Check it out at the Colfax website.

Frost & Sullivan has honored NETZSCH Pumps & Systems with the 2011 Best Practice Award for increased customer benefit. NETZSCH's customer focus and product innovation were a few key factors in winning the award. NETZSCH is a leading manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps, screw pumps, lobe pumps, metering pumps and other equipment.

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