Atlas Copco's Diesel-Driven PAS 6 Pump Cleans Lake

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

GSV Materieludlejning A/S is one of Denmark’s oldest contractor rental equipment companies. Known for its large, versatile fleet, this 50 year old company currently offers the Atlas Copco PAS 6 diesel-driven pump and plans to add two additional pumps on trailers in 2015. Typical applications of the diesel-driven pump include watercourse diversions, drainage of building sites and quarries, sewage pipe repair, and flood recovery. Danish construction company Jokobsen & Blindlilde A/S rented the Atlas Copco PAS 6 pump from GSV to empty a lake and keep the area dry during maintenance work.

Jokobsen & Blindlilde work on general contracting, major construction contracts, and restoration projects, including earthworks, sewage, and concrete work throughout Denmark. The lake that the construction company was hired to dredge was located near Middelfart on the island of Funen. This project is part of the Danish government’s plan to meet EU standards; they chose the diesel-driven Atlas Copco pump for its dependability.

The Atlas Copco PAS 6 can operate with flow up to 80 to 500 m3 per hour or 1,333 to 8,333 l per minute, and can handle abrasive materials up to 76 millimeters in diameter. The maximum noise level is 66 decibels (A) and the working engine speed is 1,200 to 2,000 revolutions per minute. The pump’s priming system consists of an oil-free, water-resistant membrane vacuum pump and a suction hose can be used if a blockage occurs. Accessories include connections for external fuel tanks and a trailer with an adjustable connecting rod.

“There are many advantages to choosing Atlas Copco equipment for our rental fleet,” says Christensen. “One of them is that the PAS 6 pump is compact compared to its capacity. At the same time, it’s silent, fuel-efficient, and meets strict environmental requirements. The pump fits in well in our overall machinery fleet and is easy to maintain. It has the same Kubota motor as our generators, and since many spare parts are identical to those found in alternators, we already have them in stock. It’s a big advantage for both logistics and profitability.”

Source: Atlas Copco

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