Bredel Pump Helps Cut Maintenance Costs at an 'Energy from Waste' Plant

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

EEW Saarbrücken GmbH, a producer of energy from waste, has begun a trial of the new Apex35 hose pump from Bredel, supplied by pump manfuacturer Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group. The pump was able to run without clogging for a longer period of time when pumping abrasive brine at EEW, while also reducing downtime and the cost for replacement parts.

Saarbrücken GmbH, MHKW Pirmasens is a waste-heat power plant that recycles around 180,000 tons of waste and generates around 75,000 MWh of electricity. The plant also separates crystalline sodium chloride from its highly concentrated solution. A special centrifuge is used in order to separate the solution from the abrasive salt slurry.

In order to feed the centrifuge, EEW has been using a progressive cavity pump. Unfortunately, the abrasive nature of the brine requires repairs of the PC pump stator or rotor each month. It takes a minimum of four hours to perform the repairs and the pump has to be removed from the process line.

To help solve this problem, engineers at EEW requested a trial of the Bredel Apex35 hose pump due to its potential maintenance savings and intermittent duty application.

The Apex35 hose pump did not require any maintenance within the first six months of the trial. The only wear on the pump was seen on the hose, which could be replaced without moving the pump from the process line. Not only will EEW save on the cost of the pump itself, but it will also save on inventory, as only the hose will need to be kept in stock.

Compared to other pump types, hose pumps have no costly wearing components like seals, valves, membranes, stators, rotors, or glands. The pump technology also improves user processes by eliminating anti-siphon valves, back-pressure valves, degassing valves, and run-dry protection. From abrasive and corrosive material to crystallizing and shear-sensitive fluids, the Apex35 hose can handle it all while saving the power plant money.

Source: Watson-Marlow

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