Eaton's Variable Speed Drive Hydraulic Pump Solutions Offer Increased Energy Efficiency and Performance

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Eaton, a power management company, is merging its electrical and hydraulics space. This will allow the pump manufacturer to offer machine and system builders with variable speed drive pump solutions that will provide improved machine performance and energy savings.

The electro-hydraulic system is fully integrated, widely scalable, and is comprised of vane and piston pumps, filters, frequency inverts, and control and switch gears. The pump system also contains Eaton’s innovative SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring technology. The hydraulic pump system is suitable for a range of applications, and it is able to lower heat generation and improve operator safety with reduced pump noise levels.

The pump system is able to achieve power-on-demand in a more energy-efficient way than similar systems. Instead of operating at a constant 1,500 RPM or 1,800 RPM, the variable speed drive pumps from Eaton are fully controllable. This allows variability among load requirements, which in turn eliminates energy waste.

Machine builders are given more freedom of choice in terms of architecture with the new pump system. The system designs and assembly are simpler. The construction of new systems and the modification of old systems can be completed with less cabling effort, while reducing the materials used at the same time.

With SmartWire-DT integrated controls, the entire hydraulic power unit can be monitored, while the HMI/PLC connects motor protection or pilot devices without conventional point-to-point wiring, reducing wiring time by up to 85 percent. Up to 99 stations over a length of 600 meters can be powered by SmartWire-DT. The technology is easy to use, which significantly reduces wiring errors.

Remote connectivity supports preventative maintenance, machine diagnostics, and control functionalities. The hydraulic power unit also comprises solutions from Eaton’s Filtration Division, such as the TEF 55 return filter and NBF 40 breather filter, which ensures high purity of fluids for a safe, efficient application process.

Source: Eaton

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