Mouvex Celebrates 50th Year of Manufacturing 'A Series' Eccentric Disc Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Mouvex, a member of PSG Dover Group and a leading manufacturer of pumps for the refined fuels, oilfield, energy, food and sanitary, military, transport, and chemical process industries,is set to celebrate its 50th anniversary of manufacturing its A Series eccentric disc pumps. Since 1965, the disk pumps have been manufactured, assembled, and shipped from PSG’s Auxerre, France facility. The pumps operate worldwide and are known for their reliability, durability, and cost effectiveness in even the harshest applications.

“We are extremely proud to be celebrating 50 years of manufacturing A Series pumps at Mouvex,” says Paul Cardon, Industry Product Manager for Mouvex. “Mouvex eccentric disc pump technology has a long-standing tradition in the pump world, going back over 100 years, and the A Series is one of our key product lines. For 50 years, A Series pumps have proven their reliability and performance in a variety of tough applications. We will continue to expand the capabilities of the A Series pump line, allowing them to serve more markets and a wider range of industrial applications.”

In celebration, Mouvex will be launching a new line of innovative A Series pumps. The new campaign will roll out in September 2015 and include a new anniversary logo, advertising program, and sales tools. This new advertising program is designed to showcase the pump manufacturer’s long-standing tradition of providing world-class eccentric disk pump technology.

Mouvex’s A Series positive displacement pumps offer self-priming, dry-run capabilities, and maintain constant flow rates, regardless of changes in viscosity and pressure. They are able to maintain their initial performance over time and are certified to be used in dangerous environments. The pumps are available in seven different sizes with maximum speeds of up to 600 rpm, with handling temperatures of up to 150degrees Celsius. A variety of connection types and options are available, including Mouvex and standardized mechanical seals.

Source: PSG Dover

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