New VA25-HP (DA) Double Acting High Pressure Diaphragm Pump Introduced by Verder

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Verder, a pump manufacturer and supplier that offers a wide variety of pump products that include industrial tube pumps, compact hose pumps, rotary lobe sludge pumps, specialty pumps, and more, is introducing the new VA25-HP (DA) high pressure double acting diaphragm pump. The new pump is designed to be used for applications where the discharge pressure is higher than the compressed air pressure and filter-press applications.

The new diaphragm pump offers high pressure pump advantages like you would expect from other products. It is able to stall against closed discharge, which means no safety pressure valve is required. The pump is able to boost pressures up to two times the compressed air pressure. In addition, there is no need for ancillary equipment in order to regulate the flow at raising discharge pressures.

The pump also offers the same maximal flow rate as the standard Verderair VA25 diaphragm pump that Verder offers. The VA25-HP (DA) is double acting, stable, and offers an efficient flow with low to high pressure switches to provide more efficiency. These details make the pump ideal for filter press applications.

The existing range of high pressure pumps of the single acting pump type also deliver pressures up to two times the supplied compressed air pressure resulting in a pulsating flow, high compressed air consumption, and a 50 percent reduction of the flow rate.

A switch on the new high pressure double acting diaphragm pump can change the pump’s operational pressure from low to high in an instant. The low pressure setting offers normal operation with an optimum use of compressed air. At high pressure, the liquid pressure is increased by two times the compressed air pressure with flow rates that double the flow rate of the single acting high pressure pump.  

Source: Verder

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