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Weir Oil & Gas and Rolls-Royce's MTU Developing Purpose-Built Power System for Fracking

The joint venture company will oversee the development of a new power system to make hydraulic fracking operations more efficient. The company will be named at a later date and is expected to begin operations by 2016. 

Full Containment Capabilities of PSG Seal-Less Pump Technologies Will Be Highlighted at ACHEMA

Two of PSG's brands, Mouvex & EnviroGear, offer seal-less pump technologies for chemical processing applications. Both of these brands will be on display at the 2015 ACHEMA show in Germany. 

PSG to Display a Full Array of Seal-Less Pump Technologies at ACHEMA in June

Mouvex eccentric disc pumps and Envirogear internal gear pumps will be among the pumps featured by  PSG Dover this June at the ACHEMA show in Germany. 

Grundfos Partners with Sychem to Turn Salty River on Crete into Safe Drinking Water

A new desalination plant on the island of Crete will allow residents and tourists to obtain fresh and safe drinking water where they once relied on scarce rainwater and expensive bottled water. The desalination plant has a tap accessible to the public and runs nearly autonomously. 

Netzsch Introducing Three New Pump Products at ACHEMA

Netzsch is known worldwide for its progressing cavity pumps. At this year's ACHEMA, the pump manufacturer will introduce three new pumps, including its first screw pump: Notos. 

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline Pumps Reconditioned by Amarinth

At 1,768 kilometers, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline is the second longest in the world. Following a pump failure due to running dry, Amarinth stepped in to ensure the damaged pump was up and running within a tight 3 week time frame.

Vogelsang Presents New IQ Pump and VX Series of Rotary Lobe Pumps for Chemical Media

The new pump models are noteworthy for being service-friendly and easy to handle. The IQ pump model is also available in stainless steel for particularly corrosive fluids. 

H2O Innovation Inc. Nominated at the Global Water Summit for Doubling Water Capacity at Californian Water Reuse System

The company is a leader in membrane filtration equipment and recently completed another project in California. 

SPX Plenty Mirrlees Twinro Pumps Offer Economical, Reliable, and Safe Tank Loading and Unloading

The screw pump type is ideal for applications in the oil & gas industry, offering the end user reliable, economical, and safe operation. 

KSB Seatec Pump Offer Solution for the Wastewater Industry

The solids handling pump is fully submersible and excels in a variety of difficult operating conditions. This innovative pump provides an ideal solution for many wastewater applications. 

Charli Matthews of Empowering Pumps, LLC Receives the FSA Award of Merit

Matthews recently completed her term as FSA Chair where she was a dedicated leader in the FSA Marketing Committee, helping to develop FSA's social media presence and leading its website overhaul. 

Qdos Dosing Pumps Improve Production Uptime for Aluminum Powder Coating Plant

The plant was previously experiencing repeated clogging and inaccurate dosing from their existing pumps. The company turned to Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group for an answer. 

Voith Hydro Modernizes Italian Hydropower Plants

The world's leading supplier of hydroelectric equipment, Voith will provide complete solutions for modernizing three hydropower plants in Italy, one of which that has been on the grid since 1915. 

Grudfos Appoints Hasan Avci as Regional Director in Asia Pacific

Avci was previously Grundfos' director of sales and marketing for Turkey and the Middle East region. He has over a decade of experience in the pump industry. 

Grundfos Pump Station Keeps Flooding at Bay

The project is Grundfos' largest to date in Indonesia, and will help mitigate the damages of persistent flooding in the port city of Semarang.

Pennsylvania Company Is Brewing Quality Beers Thanks to Netzsch Progressing Cavity Pumps

Netzsch is known for its high quality progressive cavity pumps, which are able to handle difficult and viscous fluids such as those present during beer-making. 

PURON Ultrafiltration System to be Used in Brazil Plant

The reinforced hollow fiber ultrafiltration system is able to handle solids present in many raw water sources, enabling water treatment plants to meet growing demands for clean water. 

ITT's Conoflow Brand Announces Enertech as Its Exclusive Global Nuclear Industry Representative

Both Conoflow and Enertech are committed to providing customers with unequaled products and services in order to reduce operating costs, while improving plant safety and efficiency. By combining their services, customer issues will be resolved and products and services will be delivered more quickly.

Smart Pump Monitoring Software Detects Leaks and Prevents Damage at Oil and Gas Facilities

Remote monitoring software can prove invaluable to users in the oil & gas industry. This software has proven time and time again that it can catch leaks before those leaks cause irreparable damage to the equipment or environment. 

Ebara Holds Seminar on Flood Control Pumps and Chillers for Air Conditioning in Vietnam

The two-day seminar was the fourth in a series of seminars to be held at VJCC this year and attracted 82 participants. Ebara is well-known for its valuable seminars and plans to hold several more throughout the year in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Colombia, Peru, and other locations.

Metallized Carbon Corporation Offers Custom Vanes, Rotors, and End Plates for Rotary Pumps

The vanes, rotors, and end plates are compatible with rotary vane pumps and can effectively transfer fluids and gases, making them ideal for a variety of applications in multiple industries. 

New A6 Eccentric Disc Pump Model Added to Mouvex's Line of Pumps

The A6 pump model is specifically designed for use in industrial applications and can easily handle fluids of varying viscosities. 

Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump Introduced by Flux-Geräte GmbH

The energy efficient pump is small in size, but boasts low air consumption and high flow rate, making it an ideal choice for multiple industries. 

New Inline 400 Pressure Boosting System by Franklin Electric Co.

The new pressure boosting system is compact and economical, providing a typical water pressure boost of up to 40 psi. 

Quattroflow Single-Use Pumps Minimize Particle Contamination

The PSG Dover company is known for its positive displacement quaternary diaphragm pumps. The company's single-use pumps are designed specifically for the biopharmaceutical industry and significantly reduce the risk of product contamination. 

Flowserve Corporation to Supply Valves to Brazilian Pulp Mill

The global manufacturer has a flawless track record of supplying high performance, reliable supply valve products and providing strong on-site support during construction and start-up. 

H2O Innovation Inc. Provides Advanced Water Treatment System to Drought Stricken California

A new pump system designed specifically for drought situations will enable Cambria Community Service District in California to provide sufficient water to its community during dry months.

Lewa GmbH Offers New Low-Pressure Chromatography System

The pump manufacturer delivers precision, quality, and reproducibility with its highly accurate new chromatography system. 

BuděJovický Budvar Brewery Partners with Grundfos for New Pump Equipment

To keep up with demand, the Czech-based brewery recently purchased new Grundfos pumps for its brewing operations. The brewery has relied on Grundfos pumps for 17 years. 

Atlas Copco's Diesel-Driven PAS 6 Pump Cleans Lake

Danish Construction company Jokobsen & Blindlilde were hired to empty the lake as part of the Danish Government's plan to meet EU standards.