Pentair to Provide Filtered Drinking Water at Minnesota Vikings' New U.S. Bank Stadium

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Pentair, a U.S. water technology company, is a founding partner of the new Minnesota Vikings’ U.S. Bank stadium located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The water technology company is set to be the Official Sustainable Water Partner of the professional football team for its efforts in cutting back on bottled water use.

At the new U.S. Bank Stadium, Pentair will provide filtered drinking water at various water-filling drinking stations all over the stadium. Its brand of filtered water will also be available in suites and clubs, drastically cutting back on the need to purchase bottled water.

“Around the globe, Pentair works to help improve the quality, quantity, and reliability of freshwater delivery, and we are excited to bring this expertise to the U.S. Bank Stadium here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes,” says Randall Hogan, Pentair chairman and CEO. “This partnership demonstrates our ‘top to tap’ capabilities, as our technologies are utilized both in the treatment of the source water from the Mississippi, as well as at the point of consumption with the planned water stations.”

“Pentair is well-regarded locally and globally for its leadership in helping to manage the world’s precious water resources,” says Vikings owner and president Mark Wilf. “We are thrilled to partner with Pentair to deliver great-tasting, filtered drinking water to our fans on game day.”

Because Pentair is a Founding Partner of the stadium, its water will be featured on both levels of the South Gate Entrance, dubbed the Pentair Gate. It will include a lobby experience and special wall activation mechanism that will educate visitors about how Pentair uses water technology to address water scarcity and quality all over the world. The water technology company will also be offering other water concepts inside the new U.S. Bank Stadium, which includes the possibility of providing technology at the team’s future practice facility.

Source: Pentair

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