Pump Solutions Group (PSG) Announces the Launch of Maag Industrial Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

This month, Pump Solutions Group (PSG) unveiled a new product platform: Maag Industrial Pumps. As a global leader in the positive displacement pumps and system technologies industries, the Dover Corporation business unit (NYSE:DOV) now offers its existing external/internal gear and screw pump technologies under the Maag brand name.

With the release of Maag Industrial Pumps comes a new brand image and target market that focus on applications in the oil & gas, chemical, and marine industries.

The Maag platform unites highly engineered PSG external/internal gear pumps and screw pump technologies under one global gear and screw pump platform, efficiently delivering PSG’s collective pump and systems expertise and engineering competency to customers. The company also promises its manufacturing expertise, R&D, innovation, and global access will further advance its fluids and material transfer technologies within relevant markets. Customers worldwide will benefit from a broader range of applications and leading critical transfer solutions.

Maag Industrial Pumps includes the following pump technologies:

- EnviroGear® Seal-less Internal Gear Pumps

- G Series Internal Gear Pumps

- S Series Screw Pumps

Source: PSGDover.com

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