Thousands Join ITT Goulds Pumps' World of Pumps Quiz

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The World of Pumps Quiz website, sponsored by ITT Goulds Pumps, challenges players with interesting questions about industrial pumps while generating company donations to teach CPR around the world. Ten weeks into the twenty week event, nearly 10,000 industry specialists representing more than 140 countries have visited the World of Pumps Quiz website.

This year, ITT Goulds Pumps raised the bar, creating a set of “expert challenge” questions to test technical knowledge of pump enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. So far, 1,445 players have tackled tough questions about topics such as preventative maintenance, suction-specific speed, and control loops and process variability. Basic and expert challenge questions will be posted biweekly until March 31.

"We know that engineers and industry professionals love a challenge, based on the success of last year's quiz and the engaged audiences we've seen during our industry webinars. We've enjoyed giving experts around the world an opportunity to dig into some content-rich questions that relate to their field," says Robert J. Pagano Jr., president of ITT Industrial Process, manufacturer of Goulds Pumps. "We're pleased to celebrate pumps of all kinds through this initiative, including the most important pump of all, the human heart."

ITT Goulds Pumps has structured the program to benefit the global Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Program, sponsored by the American Heart Association and its global partners. Funds donated by ITT Goulds Pumps will support training sessions for hands-only CPR. The World of Pumps Quiz is part of a larger effort to celebrate pumps as the heart of industry, which culminates on April 9 with Pump Appreciation Day.

This week, players were tested on their knowledge of early pumps and variable speed drives. Future questions will include topics related to energy efficiency, pump maintenance and overall equipment effectiveness.

To enter the quiz, participants visit Contestants can answer as many or as few questions as they like, and sign up to receive automatic notifications when the next question is posted.


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