Weir Oil & Gas and Rolls-Royce's MTU Developing Purpose-Built Power System for Fracking

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Weir Oil & Gas, the leading manufacturer of hydraulic fracturing pumps, has partnered with the Rolls-Royce Power Systems company MTU, the market leader in heavy-duty industrial diesel engines for marine, rail, power generation, oil and gas, agriculture, mining, construction and industrial, and defense customers. The new joint venture will oversee the development of a new power system to make hydraulic fracturing operations more efficient.

The partnership will offer one-stop-shop services to the oil and gas exploration industry. Sales and service will be available for hydraulic fracturing operations during the well completion stage of the shale oil and gas projects. The Weir-MTU power system will integrate the engine, transmission, and hydraulic fracturing pump into a single purpose built power system for effecting fracturing. The new joint venture company will be named at a later date and is expected to be in operation by the start of 2016.

The Weir-MTU agreement builds on Weir’s newly launched SPM QEM3000 pumping technology and the performance of the new MTU Frac Pack, which integrates the MTU Series 4000 diesel engine and the ZF 8 TX transmission. Combining these solutions will address customer demand for more efficient continuous-duty pump equipment.

Dr. Ulrich Dohle, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems says, “The new joint venture between MTU and Weir Oil & Gas will provide easier access to a completely integrated pumping power system that addresses the challenges faced by frac site operators. Not only have we brought our best engineering minds together to design a solution that enhances run times for the engine, transmission and pump, but we have also brought our best business minds together to provide customers with an exciting new source of innovative frac solutions.”

The pump market will be updated as the new integrated power system is developed.

Source: Weir Oil & Gas

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