Regenerative Turbine Pump Manufacturers

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Regenerative pumps are fairly complicated devises. Choosing the right size and material for your application is critical and it is recommended that you work directly with a regenerative turbine pump manufacturer. The manufacturer can help analyze your system (including head, flow, fluid characteristics) to help determine the right equipment for your job.

PumpScout works with dozens regen turbine suppliers and we've listed a few below.

More information about regenerative turbine pumps:

A regenerative turbine pump uses a rotating impeller to move fluid through a circular pumping chamber. Unlike a centrifugal pump, they apply force to a given droplet of fluid multiple times during the pumping process.

Regen turbine pumps are capable of moving high-temperature fluids at high pressures, and they're useful in a wide range of industrial applications. They're commonly found in chemical plants, canneries, boiler houses, greenhouses, dairies, distilleries, breweries, cement plants, and other types of factories.

Expert Advice

Broken shafts are a regular occurrence when operating a centrifugal pump, but it doesn't have to be. This article highlights why pump shafts break and what can be done to prevent the damage from happening.

Pump expert Ross Mackay describes what pumps were designed to do, and why they don't always do it. He explains that most of the control actually rests within the system.

J. Hamilton Wright shows us some of the benefits that self-priming, centrifugal pumps can offer in industrial plants.

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Industry Updates

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The McIvaine Pumps World Market report projects that pump purchases by the power industry will reach nearly $3.5 billion this year. The forecast puts the bulk of those purchases in East Asia, followed by West Asia and Western Europe.

As the pace of oil-and-gas production and recovery continue to grow in the U.S., the Griswold Pump Company's 811 Series ANSI centrifugal pumps are enabling oil-and-gas producers to maximize their production ability.

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. announced the successful delivery and operation of a larger wind-powered, water pump system in Colorado.

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Pump Tweets

Chilean pump manufacturer Neptuno Pumps has been awarded a contract to supply a dozen vertical turbine pumps for a reclaim water system project at a copper mine in Chile.

Colfax introduces an online energy savings calculator for oil and gas industry pump applications. The calculator allows head-to-head comparisons between centrifugal pumps and rotary positive displacement pumps in both single and multiple pump applications. Check it out at the Colfax website.

Frost & Sullivan has honored NETZSCH Pumps & Systems with the 2011 Best Practice Award for increased customer benefit. NETZSCH's customer focus and product innovation were a few key factors in winning the award. NETZSCH is a leading manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps, screw pumps, lobe pumps, metering pumps and other equipment.

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